lisa gates, cpcc

photo by r.s. thurston photography

photo by r.s. thurston photography

get strategic about your livelihood

Learning to negotiate will give you a set of tools you can use for the rest of your life. So think about your business or career vision and get ready to set some powerful work in motion.

Whether you want straight ahead salary consulting, or a blend of consulting and career or business coaching, Lisa will help you create your strategic plan.

negotiate this!


Download our Strategic Negotiation Plan here.

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consulting options: 

workplace negotiation

  • Higher salary
  • New position or job
  • Better compensation package
  • Improved working relationship with your boss
  • Better relationships with difficult co-workers or clients
  • Flexibility in your schedule
  • Resources you need to succeed

fee setting and pricing

  • Discover how to accurately value your services based on research and comparables
  • Know your market and how your market values your services
  • Create wiggle room
  • Learn how to present objectively and stand your ground.
  • Clarify your brand, refine your niche and set your fees

Not sure about the ROI? Try Lisa's 90-minute Strategy Session.

Cost is $300. You'll work with Lisa to define your negotiation goals, build your strategic plan, and get clear about next steps. The cost of the session will be credited to any consulting work you decide to do.  Get started here.


what lisa's clients say

What Lisa does is pure genius! Her insights, knowledge of the material and thoughtful consideration of the situation are first rate. I could not recommend her more highly. Worth every penny!”

K.A., Therapist

”Lisa is a fantastic consultant for men and women in multiple career paths including my area of academic medicine. She changed my approach, perspective, and helped me achieve goals that I did not previously consider attainable.”

Tina Schade Willis, MD

“Lisa is an outstanding facilitator and coach, teaching classes that pay for themselves. When I enrolled in her mastermind group, I learned that she is also an insightful and skilled marketer. Her thoughtful comments about my website brought in business that contributed to tripling my income. Hire this woman.”

Linda Gryczan, Mediator

”Every cent I paid Lisa for negotiation coaching before talking to my new bosses about salary was money well-spent. I believe that my investment will have paid over a 1500% return in the first year at this job...based on the difference between their initial offer and our eventual agreement.”

C. Businelle

”Lisa Gates is a knock-out coach. Her hilarious sense of humor combined with razor-like insistence on accountability makes her one of the most powerful coaches I’ve ever met. She goes deep, makes me take responsibility, stop blaming others, calls me on my BS, stands for my leadership at work, and loves me with great humanity. Coaching is an amazing process. Just do it.”

B. Anderson, HR Director