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get what you want. now.

Chances are, you’ve got moves, they just need some work, and some serious strategy.

And you’re here because one (or more) of the following is on your plate:

  • You’re seeking a new job or career.
  • It’s time to go make a lateral move at a shop that will pay you 30-40% more than you’re making now. At that place with those people who take you for granted..
  • You are (long) overdue for a promotion or better compensation package.

If I know you like I think I do, you’re a professional or business woman who knows you must be prepared --really prepared-- for your next negotiation.

Guess what? You’re in the right place.

Together we will arm you with killer negotiation tactics and tools that, once mastered, will help you for the rest of your life. Learning these skills not only pays for itself (when you double and triple your compensation,) but it seeps into other areas of your life, upping your overall happiness. Yes, it’s that good.

I also work as a business consultant for men and women in business disputes, particularly those who would rather find a solution to their problem instead of hiring a lawyer and adding legal issues to the mess. I guess you can call me a double threat.

Here is a sampling of some powerful ways we can work together:

workplace negotiation

  • Higher salary
  • New position or job
  • Better compensation package
  • Improved working relationship with your boss
  • Better relationships with difficult co-workers or clients
  • Flexibility in your schedule
  • Resources you need to succeed

fee setting and pricing

  • Discover how to accurately value your services based on research and comparables.
  • Know your market and how your market values your services.
  • Create wiggle room.
  • Learn how to present objectively and stand your ground. 

deal design and business transactions

  • Joint ventures
  • Partnerships
  • Start ups 
  • Agreements among shareholders
  • Client, customer and supplier agreements
  • Agreements for creatives
  • Employment and consultation agreements

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negotiate this!


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praise for victoria

"I scored BIG when I hired Victoria Pynchon. She helped me successfully negotiate a job promotion, 40% raise, and new title—all at my current employer. And this was during a recession! Vickie benchmarked salaries for me, realistically evaluated my options, helped me understand the motives and pressure of my employer, and advised me at every step of the way throughout the negotiations. And she guided me in developing a long-term strategic plan for my career. Working with Vickie means winning. By the end, my husband was asking, ‘does she work for men too?’”

~Silicon Valley In-house Counsel

"Victoria Pynchon's negotiation skills crush cultural bias, gender barriers and even fears about the tumultuous economy. She taught me to conquer my fears with courage and navigate contentious negotiation, while demanding my market value. Working with her has triggered a personal evolutionary spiral into a new way of doing business with confidence, the fruits of which have knocked down walls in every part of my life. I felt supported through the entire process and experienced immediate results."

 ~Judy Martin, Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist,