She Negotiates in the News

Articles and Interviews:

5 Money Lies Your Boss is Telling You, Women's Health Magazine, March 2013
Research Suggest Reactions to Stress Hardwired, Wallstreet Journal, Feburary 2013
Opinion: Why it's Okay to Flirt Your Way to the Top, CNN, November 2012
Negotiating Success: What To Learn From Marissa Mayer's Compensation Package, Daily Muse, August 2012
Negotiating on the Job, Part 2: Preparing for Negotiation, Daily Muse, March 2012
Negotiating on the Job: Your Play-by-Play Guide, Daily Muse, March 2012
How to Ask for a Raise and Get it, Daily Worth, September 2011
They Don't Negotiate: Why Young Women Graduates are Paid Less Than Men, Huffington Post, June 2011.
Why Women Need Mentors at Work, Huffington Post, June 2011.
Career Counseling: How to Negotiate for a Raise, The Grindstone, June 2011.
5 Ways to Earn What You're Worth, Huffington Post, June 2011.
They Shatter Glass Ceilings, Pacific Coast Business Times, June 2011.
She Negotiates, Santa Barbara Independent, July 5, 2011.
Ask for a Raise? Most Women Hesitate. National Public Radio, February 14, 2011. 


Negotiation expert and Co-Founder of She Negotiates Consulting and Training, Vickie Pynchon, gives women negotiation advice on Fox Business - The Willis Report.

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