our mission is to transform women's lives


Photo by Beth Dubber. 

Photo by Beth Dubber. 

We give women the tools and support to take responsibility for closing their own personal income and leadership gaps. Why this matters is that when we empower women to become powerful askers and confident actors in their own lives and chosen professions, they also become leaders collaboratively solving the challenges of the global economy.


We start with the pocketbook because economic power is political power. And without political power, we have no voice. No presence. No platform. No credibility.

 When women are empowered to lead and given the tools and support to do so, they make choices that change history. We bring our natural creative capacities to mend fences, knock down walls, and bridge moats. We teach, heal, feed, mend, fix, and nurture. We create, design, empower and transform.

And that's what sets our consulting, training and coaching apart. We know the personal, cultural and political landscapes that impact your ability to ask for what you want and move forward.

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