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Women, please download and enjoy our negotiation resources and tools and share liberally! We ask that if you use them on your own website or blog to give us credit--always appreciated. 

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How to Source and Research What You're Really Worth

You know you need to close your wage gap, so start here.

Negotiation Preparation Worksheet

A super thorough worksheet for preparing for any negotiation here.

Negotiation Terms and Definitions

Just the basics, simply defined, here.

Diagnostic Questions

Asking open-ended, diagnostic questions is the backbone of interest-based negotiation. Here's a list to get you started.

Looking Back to Move Forward

You've heard of life mapping...well, think of this as career mapping. Essential if you're thinking of a career transition or wondering how to communicate your unique value. Here.

7 Ways to Say No

Short. Simple. And you know you need this. Here.

Praise for The Grownups' ABCs of Conflict Resolution

Victoria Pynchon has written one of those rare books that make you laugh and cry, shake and nod your head, and - most importantly - stop and ponder, all in the same chapter. Victoria's humor, heart, and sophisticated prose make The Grownups' ABCs of Conflict Resolution a refreshingly different reading experience. This book will make you look at conflict differently. And that's exactly what we need for conflict resolution to take place.


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Vickie, your book arrived  and I'm speechless!! Yes, it's a 'dummies' guide, but it is a magnum opus of sorts. The amount of research, thought and effort that went into creating a book of this magnitude is unthinkable. You've done an amazing job. Maseena Ziegler, Forbes Contributor and Author, Ladies Who Launch in Hong Kong.